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TLMT’s May 2018 Mixed-Tape LARKS, whenyoung, Saint Sister, Bouts & more


The Last Mixed Tape counts down the stand-out tracks that made the last four weeks including LARKS, whenyoung, Saint Sister, Bouts & more. See the rundown and Spotify playlist below. 

saint sister

LARKS – Holiday
A music brimming with lush glistening sounds, multi moving beats and a simply gorgeous depth of field, ‘Holiday’ is a stunning first offering from LARKS (a.k.a Fiona O’Kane) that delivers a truly individual take on the alt-pop milieu.

Whenyoung – Heaven On Earth
Delivering all the melodic lushness, pin-point pop choruses and indie edged guitars that have made the trio’s music so infectious, their latest single is a three-minute testament to the band’s promise.

Saint Sister – Twin Peaks
‘Twin Peaks’ is a song that builds. Set to lo-fi beat, interwoven harmonies and short snapped vocal melodies, Saint Sister led the music through verse and chorus and into a highly stylised ending.

Bouts – Face Up
‘Face Up’ is a kaleidoscope of relentless rhythm, melodically lush guitars and powerful vocals that make for a striking comeback.

Elephant – Happy
Elephant has come a long way since the dark indie-folk of their debut album Hypergiant with their latest offering ‘Happy’ providing a highly-stylised collage of synth-pop, dark-wave and indietronica.

Slow Skies – Dancing
‘Dancing’ encapsulates this, up-tempo but in-keeping with the undercurrent of emotional hurt of what has come before it the track is a marking point for the rest of Realign.

Shell Dooley Luke Duffy

Beauty Sleep X Montauk Hotel Remix – Hands
Delivering a synth-soaked reimagining of Montauk Hotel’s recent breakthrough single ‘Hands’, Beauty Sleep’s take on the shimmer-pop original finds the group adding a dreamy electro-pop dimension to the music.

King Bones – Party Animals
King Bones’ return with the anthemic lushness of their brand new single ‘Party Animals’, an early career high-point.

Just Mustard – Tainted 
The forward motion of ‘Tainted’ adds to the tension that boils underneath the entire Just Mustard’s debut album Wednesday, making sure the listener is never quite at ease.

Hilary Woods – Prodigal Dog
The contorted etherealism of ‘Prodigal Dog’ is otherworldly. Foreboding, sparse and enrapturing Hilary Woods’ music is a source of great mystery.

Oliver Cole and Niamh Farrell – These City Lights (Repeal)
‘These City Lights’ finds Cole dueting with Niamh Farrell against a subtly produced acoustic backdrop, as the pair convey the myriad complex emotions felt by a couple travelling to the UK to access safe medical care.

Variant Sea – Winter Dance
A dreamlike journey into the emotively charged sound of Variant Sea, ‘Winter Dance’ is filled with leading piano lines that draw the listener further and further into the deeply textured wash of guitar sounds.

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