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TLMT’s April 2018 Mixed-Tape featuring Le Boom, Maria Kelly, Talos, Slow Skies & more


The Last Mixed Tape counts down the stand-out tracks that made the last four weeks including Le Boom, Maria Kelly, Talos, Slow Skies & more. See the rundown and Spotify playlist below. 

Le Boom – Coma
The rise of Le Boom continues on ‘Coma’, the pair’s third outing delivers an intricate dancefloor filler bustling with all of the sonic flourishes that have made the band such a hot property on the Irish scene.

Talos – Kansas
Fuzzy synths, falsetto vocals and weaving textures all create the perfect backdrop to ‘Kansas’. An ethereal track, Talos’ new single is an expansion on the same depth of field found in Wild Alee.

Delorentos – In The Moment
Merging delicate hooks, sing-a-long choruses and pin-point songwriting into one big radio hit, the song highlights that Delorentos did not sacrifice who they were as a band along the way.

Maria Kelly – Dark Places
The music of ‘Dark Places’ is a deeply atmospheric one. Wrapped around soundscapes, persistent picked guitar and Kelly’s own soft-spoken vocal, the track mirrors the lyrical exploration of depression with an offsetting mood while Maria Kelly’s words, as always, paint an intricate and honest picture.

Hilary Woods – Black Rainbow
Carried with the same enigmatic mood and tone of Woods’ previous single ‘Inhaler’, the deeply immersive music of ‘Black Rainbow’ makes for an engrossing listen that reveals new sounds and textures with each play.

Aislinn Logan – Spree
With its pop and clicks of electronic beats, Aislinn Logan’s ‘Spree’ is a depthful slice of alt-pop wrapped in atmosphere and brought into focus by Logan’s emotionally edged vocal.

AislinnKew_imagebyRoryJames-4 (1)

Slow Skies – Fire
Centred around Sheridan’s enchanting vocal, that is such a vivid aspect to Slow Skies sound, ‘Fire’ shows the intent, care, and craft gone into making her much anticipated first album as well as emotive, atmospheric edge that has made Slow Skies’ music so captivating.

Meltybrains? – Horizon
Screeching, scratching and screaming the new Meltybains? single, ‘Horizon’, is a collage of sound that merges ambient, experimental and noise elements into one working whole.

Hvmmingbyrd – Papillon
By far the most ambitious effort from Hvmmingbyrd, ‘Papillon’ is a sonically dense outing with a deep multi-layered production and vivid backbone of beats, melody and harmony.

Pursued By Dogs – Gliding Silence
Sitting upon this bedrock of moody electronica are several deliberate peaks and troughs of dynamism.  The cacophonous crescendo of ‘Gliding Silence’ uses this backdrop to great effect, giving Pursued by Dogs a feeling of sonic aspect, as the louder flourishes stand out further when cast against the far-off repose that the album sometimes falls into.

Melts – Skyward
An intense and ambitious track, ‘Skyward’ finds Melts crafting a six-minute epic that is unrelenting in its sound and scope.

Thumper – AFL
From the rolling crash and bash beat, angular guitar and quick-snap vocal, ‘AFL’ sound like a band let off the leash on AFL’ as they make full use of Dan Fox’s (Girl Band) production.

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