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Squarehead pick out tracks from Alvvays, Preoccupations & more their Soma Mixed-Tape and talk to TLMT

Photo by Loreana Rushe

Photo by Loreana Rushe

Squarehead pick out tracks from Alvvays, Preoccupations & more as part of their Soma X TLMT Spotify Mixed-Tape and talk to TLMT ahead of their Soma #017 set on Friday, April 27th.

What are Squarehead working on at the moment?
We just finished mixing an album and are busy working out its release. Also demoing some new songs for the next one.

What is influencing you as a band at the moment (see Spotify Playlist below)?
Lots of the same old stuff and some new. Been rewatching The Beatles Anthology and listening to Abbey road a lot. Chastity Belt, Protomartyr and the new Preoccupations I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. Also reading a book called “Concerning the Spiritual in Art” by Kandinsky which has some interesting ideas.

Are there other bands on the scene that have caught your attention?
I think Thumper are pretty great. Think Me & My Dog are working on a new album. The new Girls Names sounds really cool. And then there’s heeps of our friends’ bands that we love… Oh Boland!

You play the next Soma gig, will you be debuting new songs?
Yeah, we’ll be playing a few songs from the record we just finished.

What plans do Squarehead have for the future?
Get this flipping album out.

Squarehead play Soma #017 on Friday, April 27th upstairs in Whelan’s. Doors are 11pm, CLICK HERE FOR GUEST LIST.


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