Spinning For Repeal to take place at the Wiley Fox with Kate-Brennan Harding, Claire Beck, Elaine Mai & more

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A host of Irish DJ’s will feature as part of Spinning For Repeal at the Wiley Fox in Dublin next month. 

Hosted by Together For YesSpinning For Repeal will take place at the Wiley Fox over 12 nights (starting May 3rd – May 26th) with 16 amazing DJ’s in order raise awareness and funds for the Repeal the 8th Campaign and Together For Yes.

Spinning For Repeal will see sets from Anna Jacob, Karen Spellman, Una Mullaly, Sally Cinnamon, Kate Brennan-Harding, January Winters, Hannah O’ Connell, Alex Donald, Aisling O’ Riordan, Claire Faithorn, Aoife McElwain, Elaine Mai, Claire Beck, Vickey Curtis and Eva-Jane Gaffney. See below for the day-to-day schedule.

03.05 Anna Jacob @ 8pm
04.05 Karen Spellman & SJ @ 8pm
05.05 Una Mullally @ 8pm
10.05 Sally Cinnamon @ 8pm
11.05 Kate Brennan-Harding @ 9.30pm
12.05 January Winters @ 9.30pm
17.05 Hannah O’ Connell @ 8pm 
18.05 Alex Donald @ 9.30pm
19.05 Aisling O’ Riordan & Claire Faithorn @ 8pm
24.05 Aoife McElwain & Elaine Mai @ 8pm
25.05 Claire Beck & Vickey Curtis @ 9.30pm
26.05 Eva-Jane Gaffney @ 9.30pm 

Ticket info:

Suggested donations each night of €8.

Online donations

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