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Listen | Check out the multi-layered sound of Hvmmingbyrd’s ‘Papillon’

Hvmmingbyrd Press shot 2.Medjber

Electro-pop duo Hvmmingbyrd have returned with their brand new single, ‘Pappillon’. 

By far the most ambitious effort from Hvmmingbyrd, ‘Papillon’ is a sonically dense outing with a deep multi-layered production and vivid backbone of beats, melody and harmony.

Steeped in a sound brimming with inter-weaving synth lines, Hvmmingbyrd’s latest single feels like a large leap forward for the two-piece in contrast to their previous work and bodes well for their momentum in the future.

Click below to listen to ‘Papillon’ by Hvmmingbyrd. The single itself is out now via Spotify

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