Listen | Roisin El Cherif releases the lush pop production ‘Half A Life’


Alternative-pop songwriter Roisin El Cherif has released her latest single, entitled ‘Half A Life’.

A bustling mixture of rhythm, melody and pop sensibilities, Roisin El Cherif’s latest offering, ‘Half A Life’, is a vivid sounding track that works a vibrant contrast to her previous single, the darker themed ‘Kerosene’.

A giant leap forward, the highly stylised lush production of ‘Half A Life’ builds from a gentle introduction to a full-on hook-filled chorus that simply infectious to listen to. This is a self-assured giant leap forward from El Cherif that showcases the emerging artists’ continuing growth.

Click below to listen to ‘Half A Life’ by Roisin El Cherif. The single itself is out now via Spotify.

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