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Q&A | Le Boom talk to TLMT ahead of Button Factory show

Le Boom - Band Promo Photoshoot by Ruth Medjber

Electronic duo Le Boom will play headliner at the Button Factory on April 7th. Ahead of next month’s show, Le Boom took the time to speak to TLMT. 

What is influencing you at the moment?
Like everyone I know, I’m listening to Blindboy’s Podcast a lot. He’s definitely influencing me.

Tunes-wise: I spend a lot of my time listening to new Irish releases. Really like Pillow Queens’ new tune; like Maria Kelly in my quieter moments; Wyvern are class; Mix & Fairbanks and R.Kitt have deadly new EPs so I’m listening to all that.

I’m doing music for a mate’s short film so lately I’ve been trying to catch up on films with nice soundtracks and my little bro wrote a play recently that completely floored me when I saw it so yeah, there’s a lot of good shit happening around me- I supposed I’m being influenced by it all.

What’s the last record you bought?
Gus Dapperton’s You Think You’re A Tonic

What song or artist do you have on repeat the most at the moment?
I went to see Christian Loffler in the Sugar Club recently and have been listening to his stuff a lot.

Tell us about how your latest single ‘Don’t Need It Now’ was written?
It started with a bassline and a kick. We kind of got attached to it quickly and started playing it live pretty much immediately- way before it was actually a song. We did a load of festivals last year and when we’d play that bassline people seemed to love it so when it came to releasing, we decided to go back and finish it – put some structure on it and all that and see if we could turn it into something releasable.

What’s your personal favourite track to play live?
We’re both properly addicted to the buzz of doing shows. Each one feels a bit different, depending on the night, venue, all that so it’s kind of hard to just pick a favourite tune.

I’m still always so blown away to hear people singing the words of our two releases. We did our first proper sold out headline in Whelans last November, What We Do was our second song of the set. I think I sang two lines and the crowd just sang the rest – that was special.

With the festival season just over the horizon, what are Le Boom’s plans and who are you most excited about seeing?
We’re playing a good few festivals here and in the UK. We’re hoping to release two tunes before the summer too. I’m really looking forward to Indiependence and Beatyard. Mad excited about seeing Little Dragon and John Talabot. Looking forward to seeing Caribou when he plays Galway too.

Le Boom play The Button Factory Saturday 7th April, tickets €14.35 including booking fee are on sale now from Ticketmaster. Photo credit: Ruth Medjber. 

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