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TLMT’s January 2018 Mixed-Tape featuring whenyoung, Paddy Hanna, Wyvern Lingo, Lilla Vargen, ROE & more

Wyvern Lingo - 2017 - Photography by Ruth Medjber

The Last Mixed Tape counts down the stand-out tracks that made the last four weeks including whenyoung, Paddy Hanna, Wyvern Lingo, Lilla Vargen, ROE & more. See the rundown and Spotify playlist below. 

whenyoung – Pretty Pure
The type of song you’ll find yourself hitting repeat time and time again, ‘Pretty Pure’ is simply a joy to listen to from start to finish, and identifies whenyoung as a group on the cusp of something great indeed.

Paddy Hanna – Toulouse The Kisser
 ‘Toulouse The Kisser’ is a sprawling indie-gem that finds the songwriter delving further into the retro-pop production that characterised Paddy Hanna’s previous track ‘Mario Lanza’.

Lilla Vargen – Believe Me
A slow burning track, steeped in texture and slight electronic flourishes, ‘Believe Me’ is yet another promising step in the evolution of Lilla Vargen.

Wyvern Lingo – Maybe It’s My Nature
Yet another glimpse into Wyvern Lingo’s upcoming self-titled debut album (due out on February 23rd), ‘Maybe It’s My Nature’ finds the trio showcasing the layered harmonies that have been so characteristic of their music up to this point.

Laurie Shaw – Shatterproof
A song that melds cutting guitars, building background harmonies and a pounding beat, this first glimpse into Shaw’s new LP is one that sets the scene for something very special indeed.

1000 Beats (featuring Janet Grogan) – Lord (It’s OK)
A track that has all the weight to match the ambition, ‘Lord (It’s Ok)’ aims high with its production and ends up providing some truly beautiful sonic landscapes along the way.

Roe – Wasted.Patient.Thinking
A reverb-soaked blend of synth-pop, R&B and electro flourishes ‘Wasted.Patient.Thinking’ is the sound of Roe’s arrival.

Maija Sofia – Flowers
Sounding like a meeting of Phil Spector, Scott Walker and PJ Harvey, ‘Flowers’ is an engrossing multifaceted listen that works on almost every level.

Robert John Ardiff – Paint Your Nails
‘Paint Your Nails’ is Robert John Ardiff at his most raw, and where the soundscapes that underscore it’s parent record Between the Bed and Room are at there most captivating.

The Academic – Different
A kitchen sink song that finds the Academic throwing everything at the track in terms of songwriting, production and musicality to make a pop hit and pulling it off. ‘Different’ is the band at their best.

Father! – Celebrate
A song with a faraway sound, the juxtaposition in tone and texture found within Father!’s debut offering clashes glistening backdrops, reverb swamped vocals and sudden lo-fi guitar stabs to great effect.

Anna Mitchell – It Pours
With it’s buzzing electric feel, highly-stylised production and neon video to match, the whole milieu of ‘It Pours’ speaks of the musical evolution Anna Mitchell is undertaking.

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