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Listen | O Emperor defy convention with comeback track ‘Make It Rain’

o emperor

Indie outfit O Emperor have made their return with a brand new single entitled ‘Make It Rain’.

O Emperor are a band who have made a career of defying convention. Always evolving, always searching, always moving the group’s underlined musicality has taken them in several different directions. Now, with their comeback single ‘Make It Rain, O Emperor continue this trend delving into a retro-pop turned funk track.

Joyfully off-kilter, ‘Make It Rain’ is music at its most playful. Layered harmonies, jaunty synth lines, stomping rhythms and crooning vocals all occupy a song filled with O Emperor’s own unique character. Making for a very welcome return indeed.

Click below to listen to ‘Make It Rain’ by O Emperor. The single itself is out now via bandcamp.

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