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TLMT Readers’ Top 20 Songs of 2017

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The votes have been counted and from over 50 nominees the Last Mixed Tape readers have chosen what was their Top 20 Song of 2017. See the full list and Spotify playlist below. 


20. Thumper – The Loser
What TLMT had to say: 
“A song that eats itself alive, ‘The Loser’ takes the melodic hooks of Thumper’s songwriting and pelts them with a distortion that ultimately engulfs the entire record.”

19. Laoise – Rich
What TLMT had to say: 
“‘Rich’ is a track filled with statements both in terms of songwriting and sound. Each beat, lyric and texture seems to have a deeper meaning to it, while Laoise weaves her now characteristic enchanting vocal around the widening production.”

18. Vernon Jane – Fuck Me
What TLMT has to say: “With ‘Fuck Me’ Vernon Jane merge several genres into one dynamic melting pot of thrashing aggression and retrained jolting rhythm, making for a truly singular sound. 

17. Sleep Thieves – Is This Ready?
What TLMT had to say: 
“Bathed in far-off beats, persistent pulses of synth and an ominously performed vocal, the music of ‘Is This Ready’ builds and builds around itself wrapping the listening the great depth of field that is characteristic of Sleep Thieves”

16. Sub Motion – Headlights
What TLMT had to say: 
“Sub Motion’s latest single ‘Headlights’ captures the full-force wall of sound that the four-piece create on stage with highly-stylised rock ‘n’ roll production that growls its way through the track’s near four minutes running time.”


15. Lilac Glass – Late Nights
What TLMT had to say:
Playing into the themes of a disintegrating relationship; the emotional distance, want and hurt, the interplay the lyrical core of the song and the productions soundscape building work to create something real and lived in”

14. St. Bishop – Porcelain
What TLMT has to say: “Backed by a lush, dynamic production St. Bishop’s music blends electronic, soul, pop and R&B into one working whole. Add to this St. Bishop’s own emotively reaching vocal and you have a sound that feels mature and crafted.”

13. Tanjier – Hymn
What TLMT had to say: “Cast against large spacious textures and slight funk guitar parts, the atmosphere of ‘Hymn’ is a patient one, allowing Tanjier to build and shape the soundscape that rests in the singles under current any way they choose.”

12. Lilla Vargen – Hold On
What TLMT had to say: 
“An expressionistic slice of indie-folk, Lilla Vargen’s debut delivers on all the promise of her early demos. From the textural patience of the song’s backdrop to Vargen’s emotionally wrought vocal ‘Hold On’ is the perfect introduction.”

11. Bad Bones – You
What TLMT had to say: 
“A frantically paced four minutes of glitching electronica, ‘You’ makes wastes little time in making an impact and further establishes why Bad Bones is such an exciting new prospect on the Irish music scene.” 


10. Orchid Collective – L.A.Z.Y
What TLMT had to say: “With a more definite indie-pop edge to proceedings, Orchid Collective build on their texturally deep music by expanding the scope. Putting the natural hooks (both lyrical and musical) that lay within ‘L.A.Z.Y’ to the fore, the band’s latest offering feels like a statement of what’s to come.”

9. Elephant – Waiting Game
What TLMT had to say: 
“A more stylised and ambitious production than we have seen on previous offerings, ‘Waiting Game’ moves from Bon Iver-esque indie-folk to alternative-rock to 80’s pop in a blink of an eye.”

8. Frankenstein Bolts – Anatomic Major
What TLMT had to say: 
“The swaying dreamlike atmosphere of ‘Anatomic Major’ works as a lush, highly stylized return from Frankenstein Bolts as well as an insight into the duo’s sophomore album Aglow & Spark”

7. Rosie Carney – Awake Me
What TLMT had to say: “The inherent rawness of ‘Awake Me’ takes hold from the first reverb soaked notes of Rosie Carney’s softly picked guitar. Carrying with it a deep, stark texture Carney’s debut offering is emotionally honest.”

6. Brass Phantoms – Indigo
What TLMT had to say: “Giving us a fuller sonic picture in terms of production, ‘Indigo’ finds Brass Phantoms going for a more impactful atmosphere.” 


5. Kandce – ’78
What TLMT had to say: “Set to a vivid synth-pop mixed with disco production, Kandce’s new single ’78’ shimmers with melody as the group’s music moves from hook-filled moment to hook-filled moment.”

4. Pine The Pilcrow- Dahlia
What TLMT had to say: “A near cinematic take on the indie-folk genre, Pine the Pilcrow’s ‘Dahlia’ is dramatic, engrossing and large in scale.”

3. Pursued By Dogs – Iceland
What TLMT had to say: 
“The sense of space found within Pursued By Dogs’ ‘Iceland’ is engrossing. Filled with its own sparse atmosphere, the music is complex but given a textural depth by the production’s echoing reverb-drenched sound.”

2. For Foresters – Towels
What TLMT had to say: 
“Filled with far-off textures, pounding percussion and tense atmospheres, the music of ‘Towels’ is an unrelenting large-scale production that holds a strong depth of field throughout.”

And the Last Mixed Tape Readers’ Song of the Year 2017 is…

Montauk Hotel - Sense of Place Promo Pic

1. Montauk Hotel – Sense of Place
What TLMT had to say: 
“Sense of Place’ finds the self-styled shimmer-pop group delving further into their music and coming up with a fuller picture of their overall sound. The latest offering from Montauk Hotel works to establish the jangling, reverb-drenched flourishes that have become a key characteristic for the four-piece.”

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