TLMT Readers’ Song of the Year 2017 – Voting

For the first year ever the Last Mixed Tape readers will be able to vote for their Song of the Year. 

Following the Last Mixed Tape’s recent unveiling of its top 50 songs of 2017 (see full countdown and playlist – here), TLMT is giving reader’s a chance to have their say in what was the stand-out track of the last twelve months.

Clicking through the list of nominees below (note: only songs featured on TLMT are up for nomination) readers’ can vote for their favourite song and pick the TLMT Readers’ Song of the Year 2017.

Voting will close on Sunday, December 17th. See below for the full list of albums to pick from. To vote simply click on the song/artist of your choosing and press the “Vote” button found at the end of the panel.