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TLMT Readers’ Album of the Year 2017 – Voting

Stephen White

The short-list is up and voting is now open for The Last Mixed Tape Readers’ Album of the Year 2017.

Following the Last Mixed Tape’s recent unveiling of its top twenty albums of 2017 (see full countdown and playlist – here), TLMT is giving reader’s a chance to have their say in what was the stand-out record of the last twelve months.

Clicking through the list of nominees below (note: only albums reviewed on TLMT are up for nomination) reader’s can vote for their favourite album and pick the TLMT Reader’s Album of the Year 2017.

Voting will close on Sunday, December 17th. See below for the full list of albums to pick from. To vote simply click on the album/artist of your choosing and press the “Vote” button found at the end of the panel.


31 comments on “TLMT Readers’ Album of the Year 2017 – Voting

  1. Emma Langford – Quiet Giant

  2. Louise O’Flanagan

    Brilliant Album

  3. Alan Brennan

    Great album. Lovely tunes to drive to.

  4. Gregor Eisenhuth

    Emma Langford – Quiet Giant is my favorite

  5. James Donegan

    Probably one of the hardest working women in the irish industry right now. A deserved nominee

  6. Tighearnan Noonan

    Langford’s Quiet Giant is well deserving of the award. A class album.

  7. Tim Quigley

    Quiet Gaint is quite fantastic.

  8. Laurence Corbett


  9. Ciara Murphy

    I have quiet giant on repeat. Amazing album, amazing voice!

  10. Pauline Mackin

    Absolutely love Columbia Mills….fantastic music and great personalities.

  11. Liz Gabbett

    Emma Langford’s “The Quiet Giant” is a beautiful creation.

  12. Translate is a fantastic creation. Love it!

  13. Francesca Houghtaling.

    Jiggy – Love their music and their videos are great. Saw them live too – great group.

  14. A wonderful band of lads making new and distinctive music with bold and relevant lyrics. Well worth your vote.

  15. Love to see the Limerick Lady’s Quiet Giant receive this accolade!

  16. Pat Clarke-Browne

    I have had the CD pn in my car almost constantly enough variety in style no to get bored!

  17. Jiggy, amazing debut album. gets my vote

  18. Emma is a great hardworking musician with a strong following – she deserves this award.

  19. Has to be Jiggy – Translate. Bought the album on Monday, have listened to it over 20 times so far… utterly brilliant!

  20. Kathy Steele

    Just love this group and amazing album

  21. Everytime I hear Jiggy’s music, I either get up and start dancing while at home or tapping my foot in the car. Love their musical style.

  22. T&B O’Brien

    Brilliant album from an incredible entertainer.

  23. Translate by Jiggy – wonderful album!

  24. Translate – Jiggy. Great album!!

  25. Love Marlene’s music ❤️

  26. Sharon Carr

    Great album. Can’t wait to see them live 😉

  27. Rob Curran

    Translate by Jiggy…what an international tune, that translates across all boundaries…Best of luck Robbie and crew!!

  28. Fiona Gallagher

    Our Krypton Son.. without a doubt a talent that’s bigger than these shores can contain. An absolutely beautiful album with vocals of deep warmth.

  29. Translate – Jiggy!

  30. Absolutely, the BEST compilation EVER!

  31. Emma Langford for her mesmerizing music. Quiet Giant.

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