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Watch | Ailbhe Reddy takes a stylistic leap with ‘The Tube’

ailbhe reddy

Alternative-pop songwriter Ailbhe Reddy has made a most welcome return with her latest single ‘The Tube’. 

The continuing evolution of Ailbhe Reddy is one of great interest. A promising songwriter, with an ability to wear her heart on her sleeve lyrically while never being melodramatic, Reddy takes something of a stylistic leap with her latest offering ‘The Tube’.

A song that expresses the distance between two people emotionally and on a communicative level, ‘The Tube’ wraps Ailbhe Reddy’s self-reflective words in a production that is by far her most vivid yet, while also feeling like new territory for the artist.

Ailbhe Reddy is starting to come very much into her own as a songwriter, from the acoustic-based early days to the indie-folk of Hollowed Out Sea, and to the alternative-pop of ‘The Tube’ every step feels like it’s building to something more.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘The Tube’ by Ailbhe Reddy.

Video Credits:
Directed by Charlie Doherty
Styled by Ailis Mara
Actors – Jodie Milne and Roberta Coseraru
Makeup / hair by Polina Perminova

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