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Listen | Lilla Vargen releases the tender ‘Hold On’

Lilla Vargen

Indie-folk artist Lilla Vargen has released her debut single, the tender sounding ‘Hold On’.

An expressionistic slice of indie-folk, Lilla Vargen’s debut delivers on all the promise of her early demos. From the textural patience of the song’s backdrop to Vargen’s emotionally wrought vocal ‘Hold On’ is the perfect introduction.

Taken from the Belfast-based songwriter’s upcoming E.P. of the same name, ‘Hold On’ works to convey both what we have been expecting from Vargen and what is to come on her forthcoming long-form release.

Lilla Vargen will play Hard Working Class Heroes 2017 this Friday at 8.45pm in the Tara Building. See TLMT’s Guide To Hard Working Class Heroes. Barges will also be supporting Lisa Hannigan twice in St. Luke’s, Cork on the 10th November at 3pm and 8pm. 

Click below to listen to ‘Hold On’ by Lilla Vargen. The single itself is out now via Spotify.

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