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TLMT’s 8-Track #27 featuring WILDES, Art School Girlfriend, Sumie, BDY_PRTS & more


WILDES, Art School Girlfriend, Sumie, BDY_PRTS, and more all feature on this week’s TLMT 8-Track. Check out the full Spotify playlist below.

Art School Girlfriend – Bending Back
A slow methodical beat run right through Welsh alternative-pop songwriter Art School Girlfriend’s latest single ‘Bending Back’, making for an enchanting listen.

BDY_PRTS – Warrior
With its glorious synth-pop production and ambitious songwriting, ‘Warrior’ by BDY_PRTS shoots for a sense of grandeur and reaches just that.

Phoebe Bridgers – Funeral
A wonderfully woven piece of indie-folk, supported by a strong textural undercurrent Pheobe Bridgers’ ‘Funeral’ is simply captivating.

WILDES – Ghost
The far-reaching sound of ‘Ghost’ makes for an epic take on the alternative-pop genre from London’s WILDES.

Honeyblood – Swell Love
Scottish alternative-rock duo Honeyblood have returned with the persistent snarl of their brand new single ‘Swell Love’.

Sumie – Fortune
‘Fortune’ provides a gently set glimpse into indie-folk artist Sumie’s forthcoming album Lost In Light which comes out on November 10th.

Psycho Comedy – Michigan State
Liverpool five-piece Psycho Comedy provide a short sharp shock of unleashed punk with ‘Michigan State’.

Polo – Zeitgeist
Brimming with electronic pops and clicks Leeds-based Polo latest single ‘Zeitgeist’ is undeniably vibrant.

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