Listen | Check out the deep indie-folk sound of ‘So Loud’ by Aislinn Logan

aislinn logan

Indie-folk songwriter Aislinn Logan’s new double A-Side single ‘So Loud / Dance With Demons’ is a beguiling introduction to the artist.

Soaked in reverb and surrounded by popping atmospherics, the music of Aislinn Logan is characterized in her new tracks ‘So Loud’ and ‘Dance With Demons’ by a certain mystique that is mirrored in the production.

Working to give a focused insight into Logan as a songwriter, this double A-side release introduces Aislinn Logan as an artist with a very unique voice and sound.

Aislinn Logan will play Town Square in Belfast on Friday, July 28th. For more information visit the event’s Facebook page – here.

Click below to listen to ‘So Loud’ and ‘Dance With Demons’ by Aislinn Logan. 

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