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The Mixed-Tape | Bad Fit – Worry Doll

bad fit

In this edition of The Last Mixed Tape’s song-of-the-week feature The Mixed-Tape, we turn our attention to the brand new single from Bad Fit, ‘Worry Doll’.

The dreamlike sound of Bad Fit’s latest offering ‘Worry Doll’ reaffirms the promise shown in the group’s previous record ‘In The City’. From its starry-eyed vocals to the shimmering jangle of the music itself (wait for the big harmonic drift during the song’s finale) the single is a flourishing follow-up from the four-piece.

Three tracks in and Bad Fit have already become firm favorites here at the Last Mixed Tape. The Belfast band’s vivid dream-pop sound charms in an instant, ‘Worry Doll’ is yet another reason to be excited about Bad Fit (A Dublin gig soon would be very much appreciated…).

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Click below to listen to TLMT’s song-of-the-week ‘Worry Doll’ by Bad Fit. The single itself is out now via Spotify. Photo credit: Tristan Crowe. 

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