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Review | Laoise – Halfway


The Last Mixed Tape reviews Halfway, the debut studio album from alternative-pop artist Laoise.

Halfway is an enchanting record. There’s a depth of field to the music that draws you further and further into Laoise’s debut outing. Every vocal, harmony, beat and note that appears with the spectrum of each song seems to drift off seamlessly into the E.P’s far-reaching reverb-soaked backdrop.

There’s an augmentation of the alternative-pop sound that forms the core of Halfway. Seen in the instrumental opener and the echoing whispers that introduce ‘You’, Laosie’s take on the genre is truly unique.

The aforementioned ‘You’ is the E.P’s centerpiece. From the weaving harmonies, glistening undercurrent and skipping beats, the song captures the inherent beguiling atmosphere at the heart of Halfway. While the title-track and closer ‘Shooting’ also expand on this sound and keep the deep distant mood of the record intact.

There can be no doubt that Halfway makes for one hell of an introduction to Laoise. Everything about the record is stylized within an inch of its life, making the experience feel cohesive and part of something more. The “more” being Laoise’s work going forward. A breathtaking start, from a very promising artist.

Rating: 9/10

Halfway by Laoise is out now.

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