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Mac Demarco, Slow Skies, Squarehead & more contribute to Paper Trail’s ‘Choice’ compilation in aid of the Abortion Support Network


A host of artists have all contributed to Paper Trail Record’s compilation aid of The Abortion Support Network. 

Entitled Choice, the compilation will raise funds for The Abortion Support Network and features unreleased outtakes from the likes of Mac Demarco, LVL UP, Nap Eyes (listed as CLBCLB) and Priests. As well as tracks from Hot Cops, Slow Skies, Squarehead, Oh Boland and more. See full track listing below.

Choice is on sale now via bandcamp. Every sale goes directly to The Abortion Support Network through Paypal so you can be assured that your donations are being put to good use.

Women here don’t have access to safe, legal abortions, as a result of one of the most restrictive laws in the EU. On average, 10 women a day travel to the UK to seek a safer alternative, and the growing consensus around Ireland is that this archaic system must change. The ASN is a charitable organisation set up to provide financial assistance to some of the Irish 170,000 women who have been forced to travel to the UK since the 1980s.

Fore more information, see:

1: Mac Demarco – Without Me (Live)
2: Hot Cops – Weight
3: Squarehead – Ignorance
4: LVL UP – Proven Water Rights (Remix)
5: Beach Moon/Peach Moon – Cut Ties
6: Deer Scout – House
7: Participant – Leave Me Here (Acoustic)
8: CLBCLB – Dreaming in Solitaire
9: Priests – JJ (Live)
10: Oh Boland – Grass Wall
11: Robocobra Quartet – You’ll Shrug (Live)
12: Leapling – To Be Kind (Demo)
13: Katie Dey – Battery (Demo)
14: Just Mustard – Television (Remix)
15: Dexter R – Soy
16: Slow Skies – Anything More
17: Hand Habits – Scald



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