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Watch | Come On Live Long bring a big dynamic shift with ‘Sum Of Its Parts’

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Come On Live Long have released ‘Sum Of It Parts’ a powerful new single from their forthcoming sophomore album In The Still.

A sign of things to come from the In The Still, ‘Sum Of Its Parts’ is a song that plays with the washing soundscapes and sonic heft that Come On Live Long are capable of.

Giving the group’s music a more intense edge than it has had before through large-scale dynamic shifts and icy passages of texture, this latest offering from Come On Live Long is a compelling insight into where there music is now.

Speaking about their second album, the band state: “For us this album represents a lot more than just four years of hard graft. It is significant because it documents a time where we collectively learned how to accept life in all of its highs and lows, that when things become dormant there is always something waiting to happen, an imminent stir in the still, in whatever form that may be. We feel we have pressed a lot of ourselves into this one. Some of these songs coming straight from our most personal spaces, late at night, in our respective bedrooms, and some coming from energetic bursts of all day and all night writing sessions together. We know this one has taken its time but we have pored over every tiny facet of it to make sure it is exactly as we want you to hear it.”

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Sum Of Its Parts’ by Come On Live Long. The single’s parent album ‘In The Still’ is due out on May 19th. 

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