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Watch | Elaine Mai remixes Liza Flume ‘Sheets’ to create obscured feeling


Electronic producer Elaine Mai has returned with a powerfully realised remix of Liza Flume’s ‘Sheets’.

There’s a distance to Elaine Mai’s ‘Sheets’ remix. The vocals are soaked in reverb, pushed back far away from us, slightly obscured. The music, washes and recedes. The beats feel subdued too. This is a song about distance, physically and emotionally, and what lies between.

Coupled with Bob Gallagher’s beautifully crafted video, that visually captures the instant impact and desire of love but then, suddenly, delivers the isolation, emptiness and loneliness that can occur when that disappears, Making for a whole piece; song, remix and video, that stands alone.

Click below to watch the music video for the remix of Liza Flume’s ‘Sheets’ by Elaine Mai.

Video Credits:
Directed, Produced and shot by Bob Gallagher

Starring – Fia Kavanagh and Kate Finnegan
Make Up – Susan Kenny
Edited by – Shane Andrew Kelly & Bob Gallagher
Colourist – Richard O’Connor
Hand Double – Bea Bonafini

Thanks to Marie Denham, Dardo Barbini, Zuzana Hlivarova, Craig Fisher, Stephen Shami, Rachel Monosov, Filmbase and the Villa Lena Art Foundation

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