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Review | Caz9 – Phase II


The Last Mixed Tape reviews Phase II, the debut extended play from electronic artist Caz9.

‘Running’ delivers a serene intro to Phase II, and ultimately sets the tone for the record in the strong contrast between the soft-synth/soulful vocal combo set against the bolder beats that occupy the backdrop. In terms of the E.P, the best use of this contrast dynamically comes from the closing track ‘Boss Lady’.

However, the gentle movement and slight scatter-shot beat of ‘Want to Wake’ provides Phase II’s high-water mark. Moody and atmospheric, the song stands-out with a more definite sense of identity and thus gives the E.P. as a whole a feeling of sonic individuality, whilst also giving us a more defined glimpse into Caz9’s music.

There can be little denying that Phase II is a well-made debut outing from Caz9. The production is rightly cast against the electro-pop leanings of the songwriting, while the music itself constantly moves forward and changes over the course of the E.P’s six-track running order. And while there are moments were the record feels like it’s lacking in energy or purpose (tracks like ‘Work With’ feel a little long), Phase II does deliver on what it sets out to do, and that is to introduce Caz9 as an artist.

All the elements are there on Phase II, the weighty synth heavy production and slow beats of Caz9’s debut really do flicker with some truly great moments, especially seen in the aforementioned ‘Want to Wake’.How Caz9 broadens these sounds in future will be what eventually sets her apart.

Rating: 8/10

Phase II by Caz9 is out now. Photo credit: Ruth Medjber.

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