Listen | Check out the über art-pop sound of Cry Harridan and ‘Still Need’


Cry Harridan offer an alternative take on the pop-rock genre with the über art-pop style of ‘Still Need’.

Cry Harridan are an interesting prospect. The group’s exaggerated, highly stylised aesthetic, coupled with the anthemic pop-rock production of their most recent single ‘Still Need’, make for both a creative and artistic anomaly on the scene.

Moving away from the more grounded street-level indie or electronic feel that is indicative of newly emerging acts, Cry Harridan’s take is that of fashioned music with a hint of excessive unease to it (seen in the VHS fuzz inter-cut with tongue in cheek melodrama found within the song’s accompanying video).

Not shying away from this approach, Cry Harridan go all in on ‘Still Need’. The choruses are large-scale sing-a-long affairs, the hooks and beats are undeniably catchy while the music also carries with it an underlined sense of menace that once again plays into the overall stylistic milieu of the band. Interesting, different and promising in the possibilities the group can realise if they keep walking down this art-pop road.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Still Need’ by Cry Harridan. 

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