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Watch | BARQ’s visually striking video for ‘Bear’


BARQ have unveiled a striking new music video for the band’s most recent single, ‘Bear’.

Cut to the quick-shifting beat and blended musical canvas that is BARQ’s sound, the video for ‘Bear’ takes on a stylized, almost off-kilter look that compliments the same vein of genre warping artistry that goes into the single itself.

The music of BARQ is unmistakably inventive and relevant. It’s a sound that is their own, a voice that is there own, an outlook that is there own. This, shown here in even the visual side of their work, is what has make BARQ stand-out, different not for the sake of it but instead different by natural intent.

Click below to watch the music video ‘Bear’ by BARQ. The single itself is out now via Spotify.

Video Credits:
Video by Crooked Gentlemen

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