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The Mixed-Tape | Laoise – You


In this edition of The Last Mixed Tape’s song-of-the-week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to Laoise and her brand new single ‘You’.

A deeply textural debut, ‘You’ introduces Laoise as an electro-pop artist with a music that brings together the poppier elements of the genre with the slow-burning atmospheres of alternative-pop, with even subtle hints of darkwave.

With the production’s far-reaching depth-of-field and Laoise floating vocal performance, the crafted soundscapes that populate ‘You’ make for an instantly engrossing listen that leaves you wanting to hear more.

Click below to listen to TLMT’s song-of-the-week, ‘You’ by Laoise. The single itself is due out on Friday, November 18th.

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