Listen | Check out Spudgun’s gloriously off-kilter ‘We Share This Space’

Spudgun a-personal-pic

A brand new musical prospect have just landed, with experimental psych-rock outfit Spudgun. 

A vivid musical melting pot of off-kilter sounds, Spudgun’s first offering ‘We Share This Space’ is an epic journey into psych, progressive-rock and jazz through a distinctively unique prism.

In a record that never holds back on its own sense of scale, ‘We Share This Space’ makes great use of its almost six minute running time. Going from laid back passages to the far-reaching dynamic finale.

Spudgun are something new and promising on the Irish scene. Making finely honed music that group are definitely ones to watch in the coming months.

Click below to listen to ‘We Share This Space’ by Spudgun. The single itself available as a FREE download now via bandcamp.

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