Watch | Lovr’s single ‘I Want You To Stay’ is awash with texture


Lovr, a new project from former Colour//Sound front man Brendan McGlynn, has released the music video for ‘I Want You To Stay’.

A slice of slow-moving synth-pop, Lovr’s new single ‘I Want You To Stay’ (taken from his upcoming E.P. Girls Girls Girls) is a texturally deep debut offering from McGlynn.

Pushing the steadily builiding melody and harmony through a prism of lush production, Lovr’s music is a deftly crafted soundscape that demands repeated listens.

Coupled with a wonderfully off-kilter yet visually gratifying video by Stephen Patrick Allen, ‘I Want You To Stay’ is a brillantly stylised introduction to Lovr.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘I Want You To Stay’ by Lovr. The song’s parent E.P. ‘Girls Girls Girls’ is available to pre-order now via bandcamp.

Video Credits:
Video by Stephen Patrick Allen

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