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Watch | Daithi & Sinead White collaborate once again on ‘Falling For You’

Daithí - Photography by Ruth Medjber

Irish artists Daithi and Sinead White have teamed up once again for the new single ‘Falling For You’.

‘Falling For You’ is Daithi’s most mature and accomplished production to date. Serving as the perfect backdrop for Sinead White’s distinctive vocal style, the single is a melting pot of atmospheric electronica and dance.

Indeed, ‘Falling For You’ showcases both artists a new light. Naturally evolving from their previous outing together (‘Love’s On Top’), this track sounds connected to the world around it both emotionally and sonically.

Coupled with the expansive large-scale vistas captured by Feel Good Lost in the accompanying music video, and we are left with a very exciting glimpse into Daithi’s forthcoming E.P. Holiday Home.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Falling For You’ by Daithi and Sinead White. Photo credit: Ruth Medjber. 

Video Credit:
Video by: Feel Good Lost

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