Listen | Basciville release tumbling rhythms of ‘Sweetheart Rodeo’


Wexford-based alternative-pop duo Basciville have unveiled their brand new single ‘Sweetheart Rodeo’.

There can no doubt that Basciville have swung for the fences with their latest offering ‘Sweetheart Rodeo’. Brimming with a full-bodied alternative-pop production, tumbling rhythms and a soaring bittersweet vocal that track fills the spectrum.

And in this way its hard not to be won over by it. From the inviting melodies to emotional lifts and falls of the music, ‘Sweetheart Rodeo’ is the sound of Basciville finally achieving the potential they have alluded during live performances in the past. And not a moment to soon.

Click below to listen to ‘Sweetheart Rodeo’ by Basciville. The song is available now via Spotify and iTunes.

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