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Watch | Jack O’Rourke unveils brand new video for ‘On The Down Low’


Songwriter Jack O’Rourke has released his brand new music video for the single, ‘On the Down Low’.

Taken from O’Rourke’s brilliant new album Dreamcatcher (read TLMT’s full review – here), the video for ‘On the Down Low’ captures the dramatic baroque-pop sound of the music with elegantly choreographed dance work and visuals.

Built above the tumbling rhythm and big-chorus sound of ‘On the Down Low’, dancers Philip O Callaghan & Lisa Hayes enthralling back and forth is compelling to watch when scored to Jack O’Rourke’s full-bodied, yet bittersweet, sound.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘On the Down Low’ by Jack O’Rourke. The song’s parent album ‘Dreamcatcher‘ is out now. 

Video Credits:
Directed by Barra Vernon
Dance choreographed by Megan Blythe
Dancers: Philip O Callaghan & Lisa Hayes

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