Songwriter Jack O’Rourke has released his brand new music video for the single, ‘On the Down Low’.

Taken from O’Rourke’s brilliant new album Dreamcatcher (read TLMT’s full review – here), the video for ‘On the Down Low’ captures the dramatic baroque-pop sound of the music with elegantly choreographed dance work and visuals.

Built above the tumbling rhythm and big-chorus sound of ‘On the Down Low’, dancers Philip O Callaghan & Lisa Hayes enthralling back and forth is compelling to watch when scored to Jack O’Rourke’s full-bodied, yet bittersweet, sound.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘On the Down Low’ by Jack O’Rourke. The song’s parent album ‘Dreamcatcher‘ is out now. 

Video Credits:
Directed by Barra Vernon
Dance choreographed by Megan Blythe
Dancers: Philip O Callaghan & Lisa Hayes


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