Listen | Sorcha Richardson releases the heartfelt indie-pop ballad ‘Lost’

Sorcha Press Photo 3

Brooklyn based songwriter Sorcha Richardson has unveiled ‘Lost’, the latest in her series of single releases.

Fast becoming a firm favorite here at the Last Mixed Tape, Sorcha Richardson builds on the promise of her previous single ‘Walk Away’ with the heartfelt indie-pop ballad ‘Lost’.

Written for friend who was going through a bout of heartbreak, Richardson’s latest offering is indie songwriting at its best.

Honest, intimate, multi-textured and above all else hook filled, ‘Lost’ is a deftly told story of post-breakup lament brought to life through Sorcha Richardson’s unique sound.

If you’ve been through it, or have watched a friend who’s heart has been broken, ‘Lost’ is a charming soundtrack to those moments. “I know you’re sad baby, come on we can dance it off. Everybody’s feeling lost”. A song for the heartbroken.

Click below to listen to ‘Lost’ by Sorcha Richardson.

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