Premiere | Kevyn return with the sonic sea change of ‘The Black and the Blue’

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The Last Mixed Tape is proud to premiere ‘The Black and the Blue’, the brand new single from Kevyn.

Things keep evolving for Kevyn, even since their last single ‘Scars’ which had already redefined the group’s sound. Now with their latest single ‘The Black and the Blue’, the four-piece have undergone their most striking sonic sea-change yet.

Finding Kevyn in far more brutal alternative-rock territory, ‘The Black and the Blue’ is an unrelenting and brooding departure from what’s come before.

Taking influence from local acts such as September Girls and Otherkin (there’s even a hint of Bitch Falcon in there for good measure), the sound of ‘The Black and the Blue’ is one comprised of post-grunge riffs, full-bodied drum patterns and upfront alternative-rock vocals.

With a new sound, and a refreshing new direction, Kevyn have finally found themselves as band. TLMT will be following the group very closely from here on in to see where this all leads. Stellar stuff.

Click below to listen to ‘The Black and the Blue’ by Kevyn.

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