Listen | Sorcha Richardson releases the darkly atmospheric ‘Walk Away’

Sorcha Press Photo 3

Brooklyn based indie songwriter Sorcha Richardson has released her stunning new single ‘Walk Away’.

With its persistent bass line and far-reaching backdrop the latest single from ‘Walk Away’ is the perfect example of the effectiveness of the space between sounds.

Resting on knife-edge tension and darkly atmospheric textures of rhythm and melody, the song wrapped in an echoing alternative-rock production that centres everything around Richardson’s deftly portrayed vocal.

‘Walk Away’ is captivating, and works to introduce a songwriter who is capable of creating great mood with very few elements. Feeling right at home in the D.I.Y miliue of the single’s overall sound ‘Walk Away’ is the sound of who Sorcha Richardson is right now.

Click below to listen to ‘Walk Away’ by Sorcha Richardson.

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