Playlist | Naoise Roo’s Knockanstockan 2016 Mixed-Tape

Naoise Roo

In the build-up to Knockanstockan 2016 TLMT has asked acts from this year’s line-up to choose their own festival mixed-tape, and tell us about what they’re looking forward seeing at Blessington in July.

This time it’s the turn of alternative-rock artist Naoise Roo. Read below to see what she had to say and check out who Naoise’s have chosen for their Knockanstockan playlist. Photo credit: Laura Sheeran.

This year Knockanstockan is a smorgasbord of everything good going on in the Irish music scene and thus this playlist was ridiculously hard to compile. So if you wanna have a good time and also witness the ridiculous spectacle of me wildly flailing my limbs (or “dancing” as I call it) these are my recommendations:

First off Robocobra Quartet because you need to feel the sense of electricity that pulses through you when you listen to their stream of howling frustration fused with off kilter jazz, probably my number one of the weekend. Next, go see Thumper for their high energy thrashy fun with showmanship for days, catch Shrug Life’s joyous riffs and witty lyrics and do not miss No monster Club. Last time I saw No Monster Club there was an inordinate amount of sweat and balloons. Those things make me happy.

I got to see Hot Cops a few months back and it was honestly one of the highlights of the year for me, their guitar sound makes me want to cut off my own hands.
One of my favorite songwriters Myles Manley is playing Friday night while if you get a chance to catch I am Niamh do, her hypnotic vocal loops are enthralling.

Dancing is great and I plan to do a lot of it at this festival and the blues/funk/hip hop stylings of Pete Pamf will definitely make you move. Jafaris is an act I caught at K Fest last month who got all of us dancing and finally AE Mak, they put on a great show, witness their catchy infectious hooks and impressive harmonies.

Also shout outs to other amazing artists you should see this weekend: Overhead the Albatross, Cut Once, Not Monsters, Slow Place Like Home, Cal Folger Day (At the Roots of the Stars) and Bad Bones.

Thanks to TLMT for letting me ramble about music I enjoy! I’ll see you at the weekend, we will be playing the Faerie Field at 2:30 pm on Saturday, come chill! X

Naoise Roo’s Knockanstockan 2016 Mixed-Tape
1. Robocobra Quartet – Witch Hunt
2. Thumper – Lonesome Freak
3. No Monster Club – A Morbid Fascination
4. i am niamh – Creep
5. Shrug Life – Making Progress
6. Pete Pamf – Spot the Sucker
7. Myles Manley – Pay Me What I’m Worth
8. Hot Cops – Scared Of Everything
9. AE Mak – I Can Feel It In My Bones
10. Jafaris – Lucid

Knockanstockan 2016 will take place from Friday, July 22nd to Sunday, July 24th at Blessington Lakes, County Wicklow. For more information visit

Ticket info:

Tickets for Knockanstockan music & arts festival 2016 are on sale now via and are priced at: €115 (weekend camping) / €50 (Sunday) & €35 (campervan) – plus booking fee.

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