Watch | Kristin Kontrol unveils powerhouse performance of ‘Smoke Rings’

Smoke Rings

Kristen Kontrol has unveiled a special orchestrated performance of her track ‘Smoke Rings’. 

Filmed for Pitchfork, this live rendition of one of the stand out tracks from Kristin Kontrol’s acclaimed debut record X-Commincate showcases Kristin’s immense stage presence as performer as well as the emotional weight of ‘Smoke Rings’ itself.

Soaked in reverb and pelted with sharp moments of dominating percussion and centred around Kristin’s ability to convey the lyrical core of the song with single twist of vocal dynamism, the song plays with the light and dark of the music in way that is truly captivating from start to finish.

Click below to watch Kristin Kontrol’s performance of ‘Smoke Rings’. The song’s parent album ‘X-Communicate‘ is out now.

Video Credits:
Directed and Edited by Jim Larson

Andrew Miller-Guitar, Keys
Raphael Radna-Bass, Keys
Jamie Ingalls-Drums
String Quartet:
Emily Holden – Violin
Laura Sacks – Viola
Adriana Molello – Violin
Jillian Bloom – Cello
String Arrangement – Raphael Radna
Sound Engineer – Dylan Mackey
Production / Mixing – Andrew Miller
Mastering / Mixing – Jeff Curtin
Director of Photography – Rylan Scherer
Gaffer – Jonathan Stevens
Art Director – Kelsea Dakota
Filmed at The 1896

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