The Mixed-Tape | Ódú – Feed You Lies


In this week’s edition of TLMT’s song-of-the-week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to Ódú and her latest track ‘Feed You Lies’.

Ódú follows-up here promising debut single ‘Different’ with a more fully formed take on her vivid electro-pop sound.

The artist’s sophomore release ‘Feed You Lies’ finds Ódú reveling in rhythmically bold and texturally dense music, that is a daring, kitchen-sink extension of her previous work.

Feeling every inch like the sound Ódú was searching for on ‘Different’, ‘Feed You Lies’ is vibrant electro-pop at it’s best.

Sounding like a mix of Two Door Cinema Club and Kristin Kontrol the single works as the first real glimpse into who Ódú is and where she is going, and I am personally very interested to see where all this goes.

Click below to listen to ‘Feed You Lies’ by Ódú. The single itself is out via Spotify. Photos credit: Roscophotography.

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