Listen | The Clockworks unleash first single ‘Girls Like You’


Galway-based post-punk three-piece the Clockworks have released their debut single ‘Girls Like You’.

With a bang and clatter, ‘Girls Like You’ works as a jolting indie-rock infused introduction to the Clockworks music.

A street-level sound, the trio’s latest single draws from the everyday and conveys it with gritty guitars, pin-point drumming and wryly observational lyrics (“He’s a knob, he’s a slag. We all know that he’ll brag to all the boys when he’s home”), all with just a hint of Arctic Monkeys-esque brio.

An interesting new band on the scene, just how the Clockworks continue with their instantly relatable sound remains to be seen, but for now ‘Girls Like You’ is a great starting point.

Click below to listen to ‘Girls Like You’ by the Clockworks. The single itself is out now via iTunes.

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