Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra (photo by Ruth Medjber)

Emerging indie outfit Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra have released their very first demo ‘Caught’. 

Set to a slow-rumble beat, ‘Caught’ is a very promising insight into the beginnings of a young band finding their sound.

A rich meld of folk, indie and alternative-rock, with a small hint of punkish D.I.Y bustle, Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra’s music is hard to completely define.

But unlike most new bands who grab each and every influence without thinking about the end result PCRO seem to find a place for the myriad of inspiration behind their sound, making them future “ones to watch”. How they develop from here will be very interesting indeed.

Click below to listen to ‘Caught’ by Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra. The song is FREE to download via soundcloud. Photo credit: Ruth Medjber.


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