Listen | BARQ release second single ‘That Thing You Love’

That Thing You Love

Alternative R&B outfit BARQ have unveiled their sophomore single ‘That Thing You Love’. 

There’s something joyfully off-kilter about BARQ’s latest offering ‘That Thing You Love’. The song is unapologetically or self-consciously different.

Starting with a frantic trudging rhythm that jolts and grinds its way out of the speakers, BARQ’s music takes R&B’s genre conventions and contorts them beyond all recognition.

However, there’s an underlined method to the madness that means ‘That Thing You Love’ never strays away from being what it is, pop.

A meeting place between experimentation and control BARQ’s is a masterclass in how to define who you are muscially and not simply define who you aren’t.

Click below to listen to BARQ’s brand new single ‘That Thing You Love’. 

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