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Watch | Corrina Jaye unveils the deeply atmospheric video for ‘Could You Be Mine?’

image by Sara Lovic

image by Sara Lovic

Electronic artist Corrina Jaye has unveiled the brand new music video for her single ‘Could You Be Mine?’.

Slow-burning and steeped in suspended electro-pop tension, ‘Could You Be Mine?’ is a song that makes great use of the space between the music. Each rhythm, each word, each pulse of synth has the room to express itself sonically within Corrina Jaye’s emotive sound.

The accompanying video (directed by Sara Lovic) follows this via an outstanding performance by dancers Kamile Ciapaite and Matt Szczerek. The pair’s gestural movement and physical contortion, interprets the same inter turmoil of the song itself to an enchanting degree.

Captured deftly by some beautifully crafted cinematography, and haunting costume design that Kate Bush would be proud of (see the image above), the music is given an added brooding atmosphere through the visuals that compliment the track completely.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Could You Be Mine’ by Corrina Jaye. The single itself is out now via iTunes.

Video Credits:
Directed by: Sara Lovic
Dancers: Kamile Ciapaite and Matt Szczerek
MUA: Eric Wilson
Outfit: Kamile’s outfit designed by Aoife Banks

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