Listen | Maria Kelly reveals ‘Black & Blue’

black & blue

black & blue

Alternative-pop songwriter Maria Kelly has unveiled her brilliant brand new single, ‘Black & Blue’.

Constant motion propels Maria Kelly’s latest offering. The pounding drum beat at the heart of ‘Black & Blue’ adds a dramatic back drop for the artist’s already distinctive vocal lilt to rest upon.

Channeling the alternative-pop songwriting of Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple, Maria Kelly takes the singular nature of these influences and creates something entirely her own, advancing her music beyond the same old “singer-songwriter” stereotypes.

Two songs in and Maria Kelly continues to impress. Building on her highly regarded debut single ‘Before It Has Begun’, Kelly is becoming more and more engrossing and undefinable as a songwriter.

Click below to listen to ‘Black & Blue’ by Maria Kelly. Photo credit: Cait Fahey.

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