Listen | Cut Once make comeback with ‘Crave’

Cut Once E.P.

Cut Once E.P.

Electronic duo Cut Once have made their return with ‘Crave’, the pair’s brand new single.

‘Crave’ makes a distinct sonic evolution for Cut Once. Following on from the dense production of their debut E.P, ‘Crave’ takes that same sense of scale and gives it room to breathe.

Indeed, ‘Crave’ is a song make from expanding boundaries. The track starts with shuddering rhythms and short bursts of noise before gradually giving way to the dizzying synth and soaring vocal harmony crescendo that finds Cut Once swinging for the fences.

An ambitious new single from Cut Once. ‘Crave’ builds on the strong foundations set by the duo last year, whilst also furthering the possibilities of their sound in the future. With this latest track, the pair have continued their now upstoppable upsurge.

Click below to listen to ‘Crave’ the brand new single by Cut Once.

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