Listen | R&B artist Claire Mulholland releases ‘Don’t Wait Til You’re Ready’

Claire Mulholland

Alternative-pop songwriter Claire Mulholland has unveiled her brand new track ‘Don’t Wait Til You’re Ready’.

The first in a forthcoming series of four tracks to be released by Claire Mulholland, ‘Don’t Wait Til You’re Ready’ is a soulful mix of smooth vocal harmonies and laid-back rhythms.

Stepping onto Ireland’s bustling soul/R&B-pop scene (that’s home to acts like Zaska, Wyvern Lingo & more) Claire Mulholland’s latest track is a self-assured introduction that places Mulholland firmly within the scene but also works to set her apart, due to the artist’s attention-grabbing vocal that exudes an almost effortless soulfulness and distinct character.

Click below to listen to ‘Don’t Wait Til You’re Ready’ by Claire Mulholland. The remaining three track in the series are due for release in the coming weeks. 

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