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Watch | James Darkin reveals debut single ‘Needle Noise’

James Darkin photo by Nuno Batista

James Darkin photo by Nuno Batista

Electronic producer James Darkin has released his debut original single and music video for ‘Needle Noise’. 

With its sudden stop start dynamic and blasts of electronic noise there’s a hint of Trent Reznor in James Darkin’s debut single ‘Needle Noise’.

Wracking up the tension from the beginning, Darkin plays with the contrast between moody silent atmospheres and large-scale industrial-tinged electronica to great effect, resulting in a sound that wants to make you feel on edge.

A very impressive introduction into James Darkin’s original material, ‘Needle Noise’ is a bold first outing from the producer that pays off completely.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Needle Noise’ by James Darkin. The single itself is available via bandcamp. Photo credit: Nuno Batista.

Video Credits:
Video by Nuno Batista.
Pyrotechnics: Michael Heffernan & Paul Hanley.

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