The Mixed-tape

The Mixed-Tape | Feather – Like No Other



In this latest edition of T.L.M.T’s song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to Feather and their brand new single ‘Like No Other’.

As vibrant as it is vivid, ‘Like No Other’ that starts and ends in two different places sonically. Starting with a slow-moving patience, Feather change things up throughout their latest single with infectious rhythms and glistening melody.

The up-beat Afro soul feel of Feather’s music is matched by a production that allows each new rhythmic and harmonic element it’s own time to shine. Place this musical to and fro underneath vocalist Emma Garnett’s silken voice and you have a group whose sound is captivating to behold.

Click below to listen to ‘Like No Other’ by Feather. The single itself is out now via Hipdrop Records – here.

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