Listen | Thumper unleash the fuzzy fury of ‘rent is due’



Noise-rock purveyors Thumper have made their return with the fuzz-laden sound of ‘rent is due’.

As ‘rent is due’ comes crashing into focus it becomes very clear that Thumper have refined their sound since their impressive self-titled debut E.P. released last year. What’s so gratifying about this is just how the group have done so whilst retaining all of the agit-pop fury seen in those early recordings.

‘rent is due’ (taken from Thumper’s forthcoming E.P. magnum opuss) is a more focused, punchier affair. The rhythm locks in and rattles the foundations of the music, while guitars screech and fuzz above it, leading into the direct lo-fi tinged vocal that distorts and pushes the song towards its cacophonous crescendo.

Click below to listen to Thumper’s brand new single ‘rent is due’. The single itself is out now via bandcamp.

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