Watch | Laura Sheeran returns with ‘Light A Fire’

Laura Sheeran

The every enigmatic Laura Sheeran has made her return with a brand new single entitled ‘Light A Fire’. 

There’s an openness to ‘Light A Fire’. Long spaces and deep reaching sounds characterize Laura Sheeran’s comeback solo single.

Melded with Sheeran’s ability to take such things and give them a sense of foreboding, it’s interesting to realize that ‘Light A Fire’ is in essence a love song.

Featuirng lines such as ‘falling in love under red light’ and ‘you make me feel beautiful’, the song shows a side to Sheeran’s music not usually associated to the darker edges of her previous outings while also maintianing the exploritory sound that makes the artist so compelling.

A most welcome return. ‘Light A Fire’ is a sign of growth from a musician whose never shyed away from it. Laura Sheeran is an artist who seems to be in a constant state of metamorphosis, ever changing, ever looking towards the next horizon.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Light A Fire’ by Laura Sheeran. 

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