Premiere | Kobina remixes Participant’s ‘Leave Me Here’


The Last Mixed Tape is proud to premiere electronic producer Kobina’s new remix of ‘Leave Me Here’.

An impressive display of how two differing musical approaches and outlooks can change the sound of one source, Kobina’s remix of Participant’s ‘Leave Me Here’ takes on a more rhymically packed feel than the original’s brooding ambient tone.

Re-imagining but not totally deconstructing Participant’s track, Kobina is able to deliver a remix that highlights the infinte sonic possibilities available within the song itself, adding a an overtly electronic colouring to the music.

Both Kobina and Participant will play the Workman’s Club this Thursday night (April 7th). Tickets are priced at €10, for more information visit

Click below to listen to the ‘Leave Me Here’ remix by Kobina. The original single itself is out now via bandcamp. Photo (Kobina) credit: Olga Kuzmenko.

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