Listen | Hvmmingbyrd release the brooding ‘Out of My Head’

Photo by: Ruth Medjber

Alternative-pop Hvmmingbyrd have released their electronic tinged new single ‘Out of My Head’.

The electronic-folk sound of Hvmmingbyrd’s latest single ‘Out of My Head’ is a patient one, build from layered ethereal harmony and atmosphere.

Supported by a subtle yet effective production the duo’s music maturity and style relevant to now, and showcases a clear line of departure from the Hvmmingbyrd’s debut E.P.

A very promising sign of growth from a band who had gone under the Last Mixed Tape’s radar up til now, ‘Out of My Head’ has grabbed my attention let’s hope to see more evolution and exploration from Hvmmingbyrd in the future.

Hvmmingbyrd will celebrate the release of ‘Out of My Head’ with a show in Whelan’s upstairs venue on April 2nd. For more information visit the event’s Facebook page – here.

Click below to listen to ‘Out of My Head’ by Hvmmingbyrd. The single itself is available now via bandcampiTunes & Spotify. Photo credit: Ruth Medjber.

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