Listen | Peter Vogelaar & Cat Dowling collaborate on ‘Take Me With You’

Cat Dowling

Songwriter Cat Dowling features on the debut single from electronic producer Peter Vogelaar’s new single ‘Take Me With You’.

Taken from Peter Vogellar’s forthcoming debut studio album The Science of Summer, ‘Take Me With You’ is a song populated by interlocking pops and clicks of electronic sound and heavy atmosphere.

Featuring a hushed vocal performance from Cat Dowling, the track has a sound that pulls you into its world, edging you ever closer and then suddenly hitting you with the great release of the chorus.

Peter Vogelaar’s album The Science of Summer is due out later this year and will feature an impressive array of collaborators including: Deaf Joe, Katie Kim, Cat Dowling, Ken Lally, Susan O’Neill and Aisling Browne.

Click below to listen to ‘Take Me With You’ by Peter Vogelaar featuring Cat Dowling. 

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